Control your losses

BACKED is a decentralized platform where people can protect up to 100% of their losses in crypto while benefiting from their upside potential

  • Ethereum
  • MetaMask
  • Uniswap
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Choose your role

BACKED introduces a revolutionary model of decentralized insurance, where contracts are made between two individuals. Each user can therefore freely choose between the role of insured and insurer, according to their own financial objectives.

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Insure your crypto losses

The first insurance protocol for cryptocurrencies allows you to secure your trades via a 100% reliable and verified smart contract, which insures your positions in case of loss with insurance coverage in stablecoin.

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Develop your own insurer business

As an BACKED insurer, join one or more insurance contracts that provides you a steady stream of income in insurance premiums. Develop your own community of insured to boost your reputation and win more conracts!

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Customize your contract

Our contract creation tool is designed to allow a total customization of each parameter of your own insurance contract, allowing a perfect optimization of it according to your needs.

Our team is currently in negotiation with three swiss insurance companies on the terms of a partnership, that would make of BACKED one of their pilot projects to explore the potential of blockchain in the insurance domain.

  • Credit Suisse
  • Zurich
  • La mobiliere

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